Honda Malaysia (HM) hosted a media gathering yesterday night, taking the opportunity to reflect on an encouraging 2012 and share its plans for 2013. Plenty of ambition and plenty in store for us, as you’ll read about.

Last year started slow for Honda, as the carmaker was among the hardest hit by the big flood that swamped Thailand in 2011. Production at Ayutthaya, which was suspended in October 2011, only came back online in March 2012. But Honda bounced back strongly in the second half of the year – of 2012’s total of 34,947 units sold, over 24,000 units were racked up from July to December.

In that period, HM commanded 7.7% share of the Malaysian market, and achieved an all-time monthly sales record of 5,045 units in July, closing the year strongly with close to 4,800 units in December, the company’s third highest monthly sales ever. Honda is also the leader in hybrid sales, and became the first company to locally assemble a hybrid car in Malaysia with the CKD Jazz Hybrid.


Looking forward, HM has set a sales target of 64,000 units and 10% market share for 2013. In the longer term, the company plans to sell 100,000 units annually here by 2017.

“2013 is a year where we strengthen our operations for the transition towards an even more competitive market. We are aggressively building a stronger brand image and maximising all our efforts to improve ourselves for future growth. Honda Malaysia is aligning our focus with Honda’s global strategy and strengthening our sales volume. We will be introducing exciting new models every quarter, including three upcoming CKD models,” said Yoichiro Ueno, MD and CEO of HM.

Which brings us to the exciting part – HM is planning to launch five new cars this year, including three locally-assembled models. The facelifted CR-Z Hybrid is one of the CBU cars, and we’re expecting two of the CKD models to be the new CR-V and new Accord. That’s three, so you can go ahead and fill in the blanks :)