At the ongoing international media drive programme for the new Kia Carens MPV, Kia gave the assembled journalists a business update on the growth of the company, its targets (global sales of 3.5 million units by 2016) as well as some new product strategies.

Two things caught our attention. In the presentation, Kia officials said that the company is looking into making the Kia GT Concept, a big rear-wheel drive four-door sports sedan from Frankfurt 2011, and the Kia Track’ster Concept, a high-performance two-door Soul. Both concepts – billed as “future iconic vehicles” – share the status of “under serious consideration for production after 2014.”

This is part of Kia’s bid to churn out more exciting models, a move already started with the Kia cee’d GT and Kia pro_cee’d GT hot hatchbacks with 204 PS and 265 Nm from a 1.6 turbo. The duo were unveiled at the recent 2013 Geneva Motor Show alongside the interesting Kia provo concept, which could also be heading for production.

Kia also shared a new product strategy that will replace the traditional mid-life facelift in a car’s life cycle with two “product enhancements”. A car’s typical life cycle is six years, so expect a PE every two years instead of a facelift after three. Kia says that this strategy change will help them better adapt to ever-changing market trends, keeping the cars more up to date.