Kia is set to spring a surprise at its home international motor show in Seoul later this week with a new compact, four-door coupe concept named the CUB. Only a rendering picture has been released, showing the car’s shapely appearance and piercing LED headlights.

The Kia CUB will be less than four metres long and have a fashionable styling primed for “trend-setting urban dwellers”. It’s also said to have a super smooth exterior, a cheerful face and a daring character. Right. What all that really mean, we’ll have to wait till Thursday to find out.

Its production feasibility is yet unknown, but Kia has a knack for putting concepts into reality lately. The GT and Track’ster concepts are both slated for production after 2014 and even the most recent Kia concept – the provo sports hatch – is likely to be built soon.

More pictures and details are to follow this Thursday, but the shot above sure looks interesting doesn’t it?