The Honda Hybrid Family

Honda Malaysia has announced a price reduction of up to 52% for the replacement of hybrid batteries and an extended warranty period of up to eight years with unlimited mileage for all Honda hybrids.

The eight-year warranty also applies to hybrids purchased between January 2011 and May 2013, and is the longest hybrid battery warranty currently offered in Malaysia. Details of the price reductions for hybrid battery replacements are as follows:

  • Insight (nickel-metal hydride): From RM7,580 to RM3,980 (47% reduction)
  • Jazz Hybrid (nickel-metal hydride): From RM6,934 to RM3,980 (43% reduction)
  • CR-Z pre-facelift (nickel-metal hydride): From RM7,580 to RM3,980 (47% reduction)
  • CR-Z facelift (lithium-ion): RM5,480
  • Civic Hybrid (lithium-ion): From RM11,480 to RM5,480 (52% reduction) – previous-gen Civic Hybrid (nickel-metal hydride) not included in the battery price reduction and extended warranty

It follows that across the board, nickel-metal hydride batteries cost RM3,980 to replace; lithium-ion batteries RM5,480.

“Honda Malaysia is able to reduce the price of the batteries and transfer the benefit to our customers due to three main reasons. Firstly, we reviewed the total cost of logistic as well as the administrative expenses and have reduced it by enhancing the efficiency of our business,” explained MD and CEO Yoichiro Ueno.

“Secondly, the costs of hybrid batteries are gradually decreasing due to the increase of global hybrid sales and production of hybrid vehicles including its batteries.

“Furthermore, the recent depreciation of Yen against the Ringgit has reduced the import cost of hybrid batteries that are fully imported from Japan,” he continued, adding that the two main concerns of Malaysian customers in accepting the hybrid vehicle are the lifespan of the battery and the cost to replace it.