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A bit overdue, this. We finally have word on the official Proton Preve R3 bodykit, a whole year after the Preve R3 Concept was shown at the 2012 Malaysian Rally. Proton Preve owners who were asking for the production R3 kit will only have a month more to wait, and the price is expected to be around RM1,500.

Proton Motorsports posted these three pictures on its Facebook page. The one above shows the Preve decked out in R3 kit next to the Satria Neo R3 and Inspira R3. Very little detail can be seen with the dead-front angle chosen for the Preve, but there’s no denying that it cuts a dashing figure in R3 trim.

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The second shot gives a close-up look at the front bumper addition. Quite a bit has changed from the Preve R3 Concept, but so has the price. The earlier concept had an indicative price of RM3,xxx, while this one halves that when it goes on sale sometime in early September. UPDATE: Picture of the new 17-inch R3 wheels added; expected pricing is RM2,500 for a set of four.

It appears to be a lot more subtle with a cleaner, simpler design that fits the rest of the car better. R3’s signature notched ‘splitter’ element is present here, painted in non-glossy black. Works a charm to make the Preve’s standard honeycomb lower intake grille a lot more sporty than it first seemed, right?