Next-gen Chevrolet Cruze

Spotted testing on the ‘Ring by our European spies is the next-gen Chevrolet Cruze. GM had initially intended to launch the car in late-2014 as a 2015 model, but recent reports indicate that the date has been pushed to late-2015, which means it’ll probably only go on sale in 2016. Production isn’t set to start until mid-2014, anyway.

Code-named ‘D2SC’, the new Cruze sits on the global Delta platform, which will be shared with the next Volt, Equinox and Opel/Vauxhall Astra. It will likely launch in foreign markets before it does in the US, as a Daewoo, a Holden or a Chevy depending on the country.

Shots of the interior reveal a new-design dashboard with stitching and chrome trim. There’s a new, large touch-screen and a new three-spoke steering wheel that includes a voice recognition button. On the centre console are buttons for Eco mode, parking sensors and what seems to be lane departure warning.

Next-gen Chevrolet Cruze

Despite the heavy camouflage, we can see that the next-gen Chevrolet Cruze has a more swept-back windscreen and a less-curved roofline, giving it a sleeker profile but less glass area. The grille seems larger now, and the headlamps narrower and more streamlined. The door handles now sit on the line of the upper body crease instead of beneath it, as in the current model.

It was reported recently that GM was slowly moving out of South Korea amidst surging labour costs and militant unionism, and because of that, the next-gen Chevrolet Cruze will not be built there. It is rumoured that production may be shifted to Spain.