This is the test track of an automotive supplier in Europe, and according to our spy photographer, an insider revealed that the five-door hatchback being tested on the track is the new B-segment Proton Global Small Car (GSC), which will eventually become the Proton Savvy replacement model. He could be right or wrong, but are those Proton GEN2 wing mirrors?

Earlier this week, we reported that Proton is targeting to launch the new B-segment car in 2014, perhaps within the first half. That’s very close by, and if this mysterious disguised hatchback is indeed the new Proton GSC, it must be quite close to production already. We’ve never seen it being tested in Malaysia before, unless you consider the ‘widened’ Proton Savvy we saw.

Proton launched a Nama Siapa Hebat contest earlier this year, inviting Malaysians to contribute to the naming process of the new car. The Grand Prize winner will walk away with the Premium variant of the car that he or she helped name.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a Proton being tested overseas. We previously saw a Proton being tested near the arctic circle. We don’t know which automotive supplier this car was photographed at, but if we’re lucky, what we’re looking at could be the car’s ESP stability control system undergoing evaluation trials by the system provider. ESP will be necessary if Proton intends to gain traction in export markets with this car.

ESP is slowly but surely becoming the norm with cars launched in Malaysia, thanks to car companies like Honda and Kia, which equip the safety system even in their most affordable models (you reading this, UMW Toyota and Perodua?), so it would be great for Proton to offer it in the GSC as well.