Completely undisguised photos of the next-generation 2014 W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class have made their way onto the Internet on a Czech website.

These photos actually look more like screen caps from some kind of promotional video instead of low-res versions of studio photos, and they are very detailed – two versions of the W205 C-Class is shown – one with a traditional hood ornament grille and another with a sports grille.

The one with the regular grille looks so much like a mini S-Class don’t you think? The rear end design is also very similiar to the new S-Class. The C-Class has always had a ‘mini S-Class’ exterior design for the last few generations, but this is the most similiar looking one yet.

We’ve already seen some high res photos of the interior, so you can check them out in our previous story. According to the Autoforum.cz photo source, the car will be officially unveiled on Monday. We’ll just have to see if they’re right.