“Wait for the right one. Jumping the gun only results in shame and remorse. Don’t regret your first time.” In essence, this is the gist of Audi of America’s series of new ads for the upcoming A3 Sedan (badged as just the A3 in the US, where the three-door hatch and five-door Sportback variants are not sold).

No, Audi’s abstinence movement is not about what you think. It’s a call for first-time luxury car buyers to make the right choice – or wait for the perfect candidate (Audi A3) to arrive – and not fall into the metaphorical traps of the usual suspects (the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, E90 BMW 3 Series and previous-gen Lexus IS are featured in the ads).

The third video, titled “Buyer’s Remorse” is my personal favourite. “I really enjoy driving, but it’s been tainted. People judge me now.” How true!

So over to you – do you find the series of Audi A3 ads clever, hilarious, or uncalled for? Tell us your opinions and/or favourite scenes below.