Perodua 2013 Sales-1

The year 2013 was a good one for Perodua, which again broke its sales record with 196,100 units sold. The 2013 total is a 3.7% increase from 2012’s 189,100 units, which until now was an all-time high.

The encouraging figures are thanks to strong demand for the carmaker’s value-added S-Series range, launched in March 2013. A total of 103,000 units of the S-Series (Viva S, Myvi 1.3 SE and Alza S) were sold in nine months, representing 52.5% of total 2013 sales.

“With an estimated total industry volume of 653,800 units in 2013, we anticipate a market share of about 30%, making Perodua the most preferred automotive company for eight years in a row,” Perdoua president and CEO Datuk Aminar Rashid said at a media briefing in KL this morning. Note that the quoted TIV is P2’s estimate, as figures from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) have yet to be released.

Perodua 2013 Sales-2

Besides selling new cars, after-sales is a revenue generator for car companies, and service operations at Perodua jumped 5% in 2013 to 1.87 million vehicles visiting official service centres. “We fell short against our target of 1.88 million set earlier in the year due to some challenges when we moved to our new parts warehouse during the third quarter of 2013,” explained Aminar.

Things may sound rosy but Perodua is anticipating a challenging 2014 ahead, with competition in the automotive industry set to intensify in a time when inflation and cost of living are on the up. 2014 is described as a year of “consolidation” for Perodua, where consistently strong growth and production takes a breather of sorts to accomodate a brand new factory with new processes and staff.


“For 2014, we target a modest growth of 0.2% to 197,000 units as our new plant begins operations and need time to adjust,” Aminar said, adding that 2014 production is expected to decrease slightly (by 1.5%) to 203,900 units including exports. The company will seek to maintain its 30% share of the market.

Besides the new Perodua Global Manufacturing plant, the second half of 2014 will also see Perodua launch an all-new model. We recently visited Daihatsu’s high-tech second plant in Nakatsu, Kyushu island, which will lend its best practices, clever processes, technology and low defect rate target to P2’s new factory in Sg. Choh. Click here for the full story.