After showing various shots with a peek at the top of the dashboard, today we can show you the first revealing photos of the upcoming Proton P2-30A Global Small Car’s interior.

The main feature on the dashboard is what appears to be a 2-DIN infotainment screen flanked by silver trim. This infotainment screen has two aircond vents on the left and right. This layout makes it easier to use the infotainment system such as reading the GPS navigation instructions, since it’s positioned higher.

Below the infotainment screen you have various controls. From left, we have the parking sensor control button, door lock button, hazard light button and an button to switch ESP stability control off, which confirms that this car has ESP stability control. Below that you have three air conditioning control knobs – the left one controls the airflow direction, the middle one controls the fan speed, and the right one controls the temperature.

Other things we noticed – steering wheel audio controls, and a lever for manual steering adjustment. The gear lever has D and L modes, which probably mean it’s using a CVT gearbox like other new Protons. The photo angle doesn’t show any cupholders but we reckon it should most likely be next to the handbrake.