McLaren will be building a new supercar to slot between the just-launched 650S (pictured above) and the P1, taking the mantle as the company’s flagship once the latter finishes production next year.

Codenamed P15, the new car will continue to be built around the MonoCell carbon fibre tub that debuted with the 12C, which underpins all of McLaren’s current supercars in one form or another. Also shared with the other cars will be the 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which will produce a power figure somewhere between the 650S’ 641 hp and the P1’s 727 hp.

The P15 was rumoured to feature a powertrain developed through Honda and McLaren’s partnership in Formula 1, but it is now understood that while Honda technology is expected to filter down at some point, it would still be some years away before it will see the light on McLaren’s road cars, so the company will continue to use the Ricardo-developed engine and seven-speed dual clutch transmission in the meantime.

The McLaren range of supercars will be further supplemented by the P13 entry-level model, also due to arrive next year. Like the P15, it will also feature the company’s usual chassis and engine, this time detuned to around 500 hp.