Here’s an interesting one from BMW New Zealand – the BMW ZZZ Series Cot. It’s being touted as The Ultimate Sleeping Machine, fusing advanced technology and German engineering so that your baby will sleep better and longer, while in full safety and comfort.

The premium cot – complete with the brand’s trademark kidney grille – features authentic BMW leather and an illuminated BMW badge to serves as a night light. There’s a smartphone app to work the moisture detection sensor, remote Cot-Cam and integrated climate control.

BMW even quotes “multi-phase high-tensile steel in a single-joint spring strut axle concealed in the base for agile suspension and directional precision, for superior handling and stability” for this cot, which is also said to be made out of lightweight carbon-fibre moulding.

More interestingly, BMW New Zealand also offers an M Sport upgrade along with a Customised Colour Match System, so you can have it in the same shade as the BMW vehicle in your garage. Announced today, April 1, the BMW ZZZ Series Cot is currently not available for purchase just yet, but you can take a look at the dedicated microsite for more details.