Have you always wanted to build your own fully-functioning car? No, not a Caterham, but a proper, fully-featured family hatchback? Well, Honda – in the US at least – has you covered from today, April 1, with the Fit Kit, part of its Handmade Series.

The kit – built (hah) specifically for the handcrafted movement – allows experienced tinkerers to build their very own 2015 Honda Fit (known to you and me as the Honda Jazz). With over 180,000 individual mechanical parts, Honda calls this grown-up Tamiya kit “a challenge for the most talented and adroit”.

According to Honda, those wanting to take on the Fit Kit should be a “tinkerer par excellence“. Known difficult bits include being able to wire up the car’s electronic features such as the Bluetooth connectivity and LaneWatch warning system, as well as building the i-VTEC engine and six-speed manual transmission piece-by-piece. The parts will be delivered to your doorstep within two days, some of them by drones.

In the video above, Honda have found two testers, Vanessa and Caleb, to complete their first beta kit. As you can see, they are experienced with crafting things with their own hands, and it will be pretty interesting to watch this build come together…