Finding your daily commute dry and boring? Stuck driving at low speeds when all you want to do is tear up the roads at 300 km/h? From today – April 1 – you can order your BMW with what the company calls a Force Injection Booster (FIB), which simulates the effect of spirited driving even at slow speeds.

Activated under speeds of 20 mph (32 km/h), FIB extracts the kinetic energy created by the engine and converts it into positive g-forces. These forces are then channeled directly to the driver and passengers through the air-conditioning vents.

A mild electric current running through the front seats accentuates the feeling of exhilaration, while BMW’s AirNet hair protection system ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of FIB without ruining your carefully-coiffed hairstyle.

Head of BMW innovation Professor Mika Notbetrü described the technology as “mind-blowingly unbelievable”. BMW said that Force Injection Booster will “change the face of motoring”, but smartly added that face alteration caused by the technology is not permanent.