COMOS cars have been spotted again, this time uploaded by Malaysian EV infrastructure provider EMAL Mobiliti to their Facebook page. This time we have a closer look at the COMOS logo which appears to have the tagline “Sharing & Saving Made Easy!”

This leads us to believe COMOS may be some kind of EV car sharing service. We’re on the way to a press conference announcing the initiative and will be able to get back to you with more details later this evening.

The blue car is a Renault Zoe, essentially an electric B-segment Renault hatchback. Think of it as an EV version of the Clio if you like. Unlike the C-segment Fluence EV which shares a name and general looks with the regular Fluence, Renault decided to give its electric Clio its own look and ‘branding’.

The other rather interesting vehicle here is the Renault Twizy, which is a kind of a cross between a motorcycle and a car, also powered solely by an electric motor. We wonder whether it’s classified as a bike or a car in Malaysia – that would determine what kind of licence you would need to drive it. It’s most likely a car, since despite the ‘open’ architecture, it has a regular car’s steering wheel.

GALLERY: Renault Twizy

GALLERY: Renault Zoe