Renault Malaysia has just released these two videos, showing the new Renault Clio RS 200 EDC setting an impressive 2:48.001 lap time around Sepang. If it doesn’t look all that fast and/or exciting, trust us, it is. The ultra wide, 5.543 km track has a tendency to make anything with less than, say, 400 or even 500 hp look and feel underwhelming.

The lil’ one’s time is within five seconds of the lap Singaporean racer Denis Lian managed with the Megane RS 250 Cup in 2010. The Clio’s bigger, more powerful brother set a blistering time of 2:43.02 on standard tyres, before improving to 2:38.16 when Denis had another go in 2012, this time with semi-slick rubbers.

Watch the second video to hear the driver describe how the hot-hatch feels on track, and how it compares against the car it replaces and the Megane RS 250 Cup. And yes, he talks about the dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox too, so have a listen if you harbour any doubts on the new car’s two-pedal configuration.

What is apparent is that, despite being a more grown-up vehicle (with its softer suspension setup, no manual transmission option and five- rather than three-door bodystyle) than past Renaultsport models, the latest Clio RS remains an accomplished road racer. Any takers, for RM172,888?