hyundai veloster midship
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Some real push to go with the coupe tone, that’s the path explored by the Hyundai Veloster Midship show car, which made its debut at the 2014 Busan International Motor Show that begins today.

The two-seater concept – designated internally as the RM (Rear Mid) – features a mid-engined, rear wheel-drive layout, with a 2.0 litre turbocharged four-pot Theta GDI mill good for 300 PS placed behind the occupants and within the car’s wheelbase, a configuration that “offers ideal weight distribution and handling balance through corners.”

Aside from an enormous splitter, aggressive bodywork extensions and not-so-subtle RM decals dressing up the exterior, the Midship features a beefed-up chassis and a lightweight aluminium suspension.

Developed by the company’s High Performance Team, the people behind the i20 WRC in its initial form, the Midship is fully driveable, but very much a one-off – the automaker says the study is meant to explore possibilities for the Veloster chassis, but won’t be translated into a future production model. Local Veloster fans will just have to make do with the upcoming Turbo, with its 184 PS and front-engined FWD layout.