Puspakom is conducting a survey with regards to the proposed Voluntary Vehicle Inspection (VVI), and is looking for feedback on the scheme, which was mentioned during the announcement of the National Automotive Policy (NAP 2014) back in January.

Though still at the development stage, VVI is anticipated to be implemented in due time, and is aimed at improving road safety in Malaysia. It will apply to cars over the age of five years.

Inspection centres will not be limited to any one agency or company like Puspakom, but it wasn’t mentioned at the NAP as to how many companies will be appointed, nor were there any details about procedure needed for an agency’s certification.

There will be a cost to the inspection, of course, so incentives will probably be needed. Hence the survey by Puspakom to find out more about what would be a fair amount to pay for such a service as well as other matters relevant to the subject.

UPDATE: The survey is now closed.