One of the stars of Auto China 2014, the stunning Peugeot Exalt concept, is headed to the Paris Motor Show next month, but not before the designers have given it a minor nip-and-tuck first to suit European tastes.

The bare hand-beaten steel bodywork – inspired from classic French vehicles from the Twenties and Thirties – remains, but the “Shark Skin” textile covering the rear of the car is now grey instead of the dark red it sported in China. As before, the fabric is said to cut aerodynamic drag.

Inside, the original ebony wood (chosen for its abundance in Asia, apparently) has been replaced by the distinctive “Newspaper Wood” material that made its debut in the Onyx concept. Here, the trim has been recycled from business papers instead, giving it a wood-like “salmon-pink” hue. The wool-based fabric upholstery is also in a darker shade of grey.

The rest of the delightful interior design, including the minimalist dashboard, the small oblong steering wheel, the futuristic instrument cluster behind it and the row of toggle switches on the centre console remain unchanged.

The Peugeot Exalt concept continues to run on a plug-in HYbrid4 powertrain, with the front-mounted 270 hp 1.6 litre turbo engine from the hot RCZ R and 308 R Concept supplanted with a 50 kW (67 hp) rear-mounted electric motor to produce a combined output of 340 hp.