The newly launched Proton Iriz is probably one of the more dynamic looking models to have come out of Proton in recent memory – a bold front end and a road-hugging rear with a ‘chamfered‘ design ensure that it stands out amongst the competition.

With seven different shades of colour and eight different variants with contrasting body add-ons, potential owners are able to spec their Iriz to closely match their personal tastes and preferences. During the launch event, Head of Design for Proton, Azlan Othman, was on hand to explain details on the car’s design journey from initial concept to final product. was given the exclusive opportunity to interview Azlan himself on several key factors during the time he was penning the Iriz. Wondering about what his intentions were behind the styling of the new car plus whether or not the new design cue would trickle down into future models?

Also included below is Azlan’s full design presentation during yesterday’s launch event. If you want to know about the new Proton Iriz, check out our‘s page and our Youtube channel for more info and videos.