Much has been said about the new Proton Iriz’s speedometer which, rather optimistically, reads all the way up to 240 km/h. This seems rather overkill, especially when its most potent form (the Iriz 1.6 MT) has a top speed of just 175 km/h. So what gives? When asked, Proton’s response to this was both simple and surprising.

“It’s common practice that we carmakers like to future proof our parts and components, so let’s just say that we designed the 240 km/h speedometer as such to support other models we may have in the future,” said Proton chief technical officer Abdul Rashid Musa in an interview with us yesterday.


Could he be hinting at a 200+ km/h Proton Iriz R3? We could only hope at this moment. Just last week, we had Theophilus Chin render us what a possible R3 version of the Iriz could look like, and the Fire Red hot-hatch (pictured on top) turned out quite well indeed. The Iriz has a lot of potential, that’s for sure.

But don’t hold your breath just yet, speed freaks, as we’re still waiting for the Suprima R3 and Preve R3 models (the real deals, not just plain R3-branded bodykits for the hatchback and sedan). We’ve been assured that they are on the way, though, so hopefully the Iriz R3 will be hot on their heels.