When Audi unveiled the A6 facelift in early September this year, the Audi A6 Hybrid wasn’t featured in the image galleries that accompanied the press kit. We didn’t think too much of it at that time, but apparently the official word is that the A6 Hybrid has officially been discontinued because of discouraging sales numbers. We’re guessing buyers looking for fuel economy went for the TDI models instead.

That doesn’t really matter much to us at the moment since the A6 Hybrid no longer qualifies for duty exemptions in Malaysia this year, and Euromobil doesn’t have any more units to sell anyway. But when it was on sale, it was selling like hot cakes. Thanks to its starting price of under RM300k and decent equipment levels, the waiting list for the car was incredibly long.

You can only buy a used one at the moment – a quick check on car classifieds website oto.my shows that 2013 Audi A6 Hybrids are being listed for between RM278k to RM315k, which is barely any depreciation. Of course, transacted prices are a different matter, but if you buy a 2013 car today, you’ll still have at least another two years of warranty left.

What we found most interesting is the fact that only about 4,000 units of the Audi A6 Hybrid were ever built. MAA sales data for 2013 revealed that Euromobil sold 1,907 hybrid cars from February to December 2013, and the only hybrid Audi that was on sale at the time was the A6 Hybrid.

This means a staggering 47% of all Audi A6 Hybrids in existence are in Malaysia, and this does not even include a few cars that the grey importers brought in.

Audi isn’t abandoning hybrid technology though – the same hybrid powertrain in the A6 Hybrid continues to be used in the A8 Hybrid (there are a few brought in by grey importers) and Q5 Hybrid. The A6 Hybrid itself could possibly be replaced by something like a plug-in hybrid A6 e-Tron, which has been confirmed at least for the Chinese market, even if it doesn’t go on sale globally.