It would seem that Land Rover is seriously considering an all-electric variant of the Range Rover. According to Autocar, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) group engineering director Wolfgang Ziebart had hinted at such plans with the company keen to echo the success of the Tesla Model S.

Further cementing that an EV-type model from Land Rover is imminent, the company’s chief designer Gerry McGovern has hinted that a new “incredibly luxurious, low-slung” model is being developed with intentions to expand the current Range Rover line.

Don’t be surprised if the upcoming model shares some of its underpinnings with the soon-to-arrive Jaguar CX-17 SUV. With that said, one can expect the electric Range Rover to be engineered mainly for use on the road, with off-roading capabilities courtesy of height-adjustable suspension.

All-wheel drive will then be possible via two electric motors, each one powering the front and rear axles. The Range Rover’s aluminium monocoque is expected to be modified to accommodate the battery pack, which has to have a range capable of matching the official Tesla Model S figure of 265 miles or 426 kilometres.

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