Have you watched BMW’s 2 Series The Epic Driftmob video? It features the BMW M235i being put through a drift sequence on (closed) public roads in Cape Town by some of the world’s best stunt drivers, including Rhys Millen, Rich Rutherford, Samuel Hubinette, Conrad Grunewald and Daijiro Yoshihara. The action is 100% real, without any camera tricks – trust us, we were there on location behind the scenes.

The same 326 PS, 450 Nm coupe in white was sighted in Malaysia recently by Leonon Nil, and he uploaded his find to the Malaysia Exotic Car Spotters group on Facebook. According to Leonon, the car is a special order brought in by BMW Malaysia for a customer and costs somewhere in the RM400k-RM450k range.

A quick check with BMW Malaysia confirms this. The white coupe is specced like a drift machine – it’s got minimum specs like no navigation for the iDrive system and even manually adjustable seats.


But the most interesting bit is that the N55 3.0 litre turbocharged six cylinder engine sends power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission, instead of the usual ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox you’ll find in every BMW car sold in Malaysia.

The low equipment levels to put a focus on the drivetrain is what gives this order the interesting price tag though. Someone else in the group commented that his quotation for a M235i from a BMW dealer in PJ was RM520k. There’s no doubt his quotation specified higher equipment levels.

If you have the cash and bar any technical issues like fuel quality, BMW Malaysia will be able to custom order cars for you, so if you’re interested in a custom order car like this, get in touch with your BMW dealership.