Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) has said in a statement that the republic will adopt Euro 6 emission standards for diesel vehicles from 2018, according to a Straits Times report. Singapore currently adopts Euro 5 standards.

Euro 6 mandates lower nitrogen oxide (NOx), hydrocarbon (HC) and particulate matter (PM) emissions than Euro 5, although the carbon emission ceiling maintains status quo.

For now, BHPetrol’s recent introduction of Euro 5 diesel in Johor should help modern Malaysian diesel vehicles meet the 40 Hartridge Smoke Unit (previously 50) limit set by the NEA on July 1. At its launch in November, the fuel was priced at RM2.30 a litre – the move to a managed float system the following month saw its price rise to RM2.33 a litre.

Due to the low price of Euro 5 diesel in our country compared to neighbouring regions – including Singapore – we’re told only Malaysian-registered vehicles will be permitted to use the fuel.