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In terms of new car introductions, 2014 was a busy year, both globally and at home. There was certainly no shortage of fancy metal on show, but as far as the most popular posts go, it’s not surprising to find that the Perodua Axia and Proton Iriz are sitting at the top.

According to Google Analytics data, our most popular post was the launch of the Iriz, followed by the first drive impressions of the Axia, which was a much-anticipated vehicle at that point. Both national cars were launched in the same month, which made for a hectic September.

The Iriz dominates this particular top 10 list, occupying three slots, but from a brand perspective, Proton shares the honours with Honda – the City proved to be a popular topic, as did the third-gen Jazz, ahead of its arrival here.

The remaining slots were taken by Nissan’s X-Trail as well as a subject close to Malaysian motorists’ hearts – fuel, though the top story in that category was about the proposed use of MyKad for subsided fuel. Finally, the issue of car seats was addressed in a post, and that went very well in terms of viewership. Hopefully, all that will translate to a higher adoption rate of child seats!

10. Proton PCC undisguised – driven by Tun Mahathir


Ten days before the car was launched, Proton chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed went to Pavilion for breakfast, driving an undisguised Iriz there. Very few people managed to snap what was essentially a great photo opportunity – in fact, the money shot you see here was happily lifted and used by certain newspapers, without credit and watermark removed. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity, eh?

9. Petrol subsidy to be distributed via MyKad, ‘low income group’ to enjoy current price

Fuel_station_ 002

Things have of course changed from October, when the story was published. Then, it was proposed that the ‘high-income group’ in Malaysia would be paying a full market price of RM2.58 per litre for RON 95 petrol, and those under the ‘low-income group’ would get the fuel at RM2.30 per litre, with MyKad utilised in the dual-pricing scheme planned to begin in June 2015. So much for that one then.

8. New Nissan X-Trail open for booking in Malaysia – CKD, starts from below RM150k

Nissan X-Trail Malaysia 7

Bit of a surprise, this one, but here it is, the new Nissan X-Trail, which hasn’t yet been launched – this was just the preview! The third-gen SUV makes its full local debut early next year.

7. New Honda Jazz launched in Thailand, from RM55,000


Not just the City, but plenty of interest in the new Jazz as well – the Thai-market debut of the third-gen Jazz in May certainly caught the eye of readers. The B-segment hatch was launched here two months later.

6. GALLERY: 2014 Honda City spec-by-spec comparison


Our spec-by-spec comparison of the four available grades of the City in Malaysia was the sixth most viewed post of the year. From the base S to the range-topping V, a like-for-like photo gallery showed readers all the differences in the variants.

5. GALLERY: Proton Iriz vs Perodua Myvi – take your pick

Proton_Iriz_vs_Perodua_Myvi_ 086

As soon as the Iriz arrived, comparisons between it and the Perodua Myvi were unavoidable – we decided to run a simple photo and specification comparison of the two cars, which went down well with readers, as the post’s ranking suggests.

4. 2014 Honda City launched in Malaysia, from RM76k

2014 Honda City 4

If the stories are any indication, Malaysians love Honda. They certainly loved reading about the new City – not just the launch report, but the gallery post comparing the variants of the type as well.

3. Malaysians need to start putting their children in child car seats when travelling in their cars

child car seat isaac

Paul tackled a subject close to his heart, that of paying more heed to child safety in vehicles and making an argument for the use of child seats. As pointed out in the story, the statistics show that a child who is in a vehicle that gets into an accident will face the possibility of significantly more injuries or even fatality than a child who is in a child seat. If you haven’t read the piece yet, you should.

2. DRIVEN: Perodua Axia, first impressions of the EEV

Perodua_Axia_Advance_ 001

It hadn’t yet been launched, and the story didn’t even have any photos of the car (they were embargoed until the official introduction nearly a month later), but it seems that readers were very keen to know what Danny, Jonathan James Tan and Hafriz’s thought of the Axia in their first drive impressions of the hatchback.

1. Proton Iriz launched – 1.3 and 1.6 VVT, from RM42k

Proton Iriz Live 2

No surprises to find that it was the launch of the Iriz – previously known as the PCC (Proton Compact Car) and GSC (Global Small Car) – B-segment five-door hatchback that is the most popular post of the year. National car launches do very well from a visitor and pageview point of view, and this one aced them all in 2014.