Swiss automobile manufacturer, Rinspeed, has revealed its BMW i3-based electric autonomous concept prior to its debut at the upcoming 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Christened the Rinspeed Budii, the pod-shaped concept aims to preview what could be the next biggest step towards a fully autonomous, fully connected future.

If the concept looks a little too bright for its own good, it probably is. Rinspeed has coated the Budii in a “bright anthracite paint finish with sparkler effect” in order to make it look “sexy and emotionally charged.” Elsewhere, 19-inch alloy wheels and an air suspension setup is featured.

As is the norm on most futuristic, autonomous vehicles, the interior is closer in spirit to a steampunk dining room as it is to a conventional automobile cabin. A seven-axis robotic arm will hand the steering wheel to occupants on either side of the vehicle should he/she feel the need to take over.


In its autonomous mode, the arm will pivot the steering wheel away from the occupants, storing it in the centre of the cabin. The Budii’s infotainment system is developed by Harman and is set to redefine connectivity between the occupants and the vehicle.

The system is capable of picking up on the personal habits and preferences of the driver, effectively turning the Rinspeed Budii into a “a learning and proactive companion.” Other features include the mobile phone charging capabilities, radar and ‘Vehicle-to-X’ solutions as well as an automatic NFC debiting system that enables wireless financial transactions.

Aside from the usual array of cameras and sensors wired to an electronic brain, the Rinspeed Budii will also possess a telescopic laser scanner, called ‘Trackview’. Together with a high-res camera, the system will map the terrain ahead and make necessary alterations to the car’s suspension.


Other novelties of the Rinspeed Budii include a watch winder that’s embedded into the top of the steering wheel. Using a camera, the vehicle is capable of picking up the power reserve indicator on a mechanical watch and would proceed to wind it up should it be deemed necessary.

Finally, Rinspeed engineers have also incorporated two additional Segway-like machines that stow away in the car’s automatic retractable drawers. The pint-sized two-wheeler runs on pure electric power and serves as “a special gem for mobility on the final stretch to the destination.”