It has been reported that the CEO and owner of the Segway brand, Jimi Heselden, died on Sunday. This was after he drove his Segway off a cliff and into a river. Police apparently received reports that a man had fallen into a wharf near his home in West Yorkshire.

His Segway X2 was found next to him and the millionaire was pronounced dead at the scene. Heselden started off as a miner in the Yorkshire region. After the mines were shut down, he used his redundancy money to start the company HESCO Bastion. He made his millions selling wire cages that could be filled with earth.

This was first marketed to water companies to line up the sides of canals, but the wire cages were found to be quite useful at stopping bullets, missiles and suicide bombers. They have since become standard equipment for NATO, American and British forces.

He was worth £166 million and is one of the top 400 richest people in the UK, according to a Forbes list. A spokesperson for his company said that he will be remembered both for his generosity and his pride in the Leeds area.