The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has launched a new mobile app, titled MeterOn, to allow passengers a more efficient and quicker platform to lodge complaints against errant taxi drivers. The app is capable of operating with Android and iOS systems – Android 4.0.3 and up, iOS 7.1 or later.

Among the key features of the app include a driver verification system that enables potential passengers to perform a check on a particular driver’s background just by keying in the taxi’s registration plate. Information such as prior offences (if any), complaints or feedback by previous passengers and whatnot will be displayed. Should no information surface, the driver is not an authorised operator and should be reported.

An earlier experiment on our end proved the effectiveness of the system. By placing in the registration plate of a taxi – we got the numbers from the Easy Taxi story – the system was able to provide a detailed account of the driver, including the card validity period and company registration number.

Other features include a journey tracker function that uses the phone’s GPS system to trace one’s journey – the information can be shared with primary contacts on the user’s phone. The system deposits ‘breadcrumbs’ to enable easy tracking should the passenger fail to reach his/her destination.

Potential passengers can also use the fare estimation feature to help calculate the cost of a journey by logging in the point of origin and destination. The fare is calculated based on meter usage for budget taxis, Teksi1Malaysia, Executive and hired cars.

Upon completion of said journey, passengers can rate drivers on a scale of one to five via the rating feature. Passengers can also mark down on the app whether or not the aforementioned driver employed the meter. Should a driver fail to do so, passengers can lodge a complaint via the feedback feature.

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In the event of an emergency, the MeterON SOS function allows passengers to make emergency calls to contacts on his/her phone, the police or SPAD. The SOS feature also enables occupants to send pre-determined messages containing information pertaining to the taxi and its driver to primary contacts.

Passengers planning to use the MeterOn app are advised to register their account as complaints or feedbacks will be processed quicker due to the presence of all relevant information. Users can also employ the MeterOn app anonymously but complaints will be processed only if the required information is provided.

You can get MeterOn from the iOS App Store or Google Play.