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The Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept has made its world premiere at Auto Shanghai 2015 – the tall-riding B-segment hatch, teased last week via a sketch, heralds a new design direction for the fledgling brand.

A marked contrast from the homogenous styling seen previously, the 2 SUV features a stark, boxy aesthetic, muscly wheel arch flares and a vertical theme as seen on the head- and tail lights, while the low-slung roofline is said to give the car “an emotive and sporty appeal.”

Qoros’ V-shaped grille is present, but here it dominates the front fascia, flanked by air intakes that cool the brakes. The body is painted Misty Cyan, inspired by “Ru Kiln” porcelain; the Cinnabar Red accents bring to mind the red ink used in Chinese art. The inlay on the left rear wheel pays homage to the Chinese Year of the Goat, and the nine name stamps around the car represent the designers who worked on the project.

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The interior has yet to be revealed, but it is said to feature a “simple, minimalist design,” with a “floating” upper instrument panel and white Tallow Jade-like trim, as well as natural materials like bamboo. There’s also a full-colour digital instrument cluster, a climate control system that displays the temperature on each air vent a la Audi TT, as well as the Qoros Multi Media Hub with cloud-based QorosQloud services.

Look up and you’ll find a panoramic glass roof, incorporating a white jade Chinese pattern; a QR code embedded in the design points to the Qoros website. Elsewhere, there’s a cutaway floor console with a large storage space, while the boot features individual storage compartments to keep lifestyle equipment sealed from the rest of the interior, as well as storing valuable items out of sight.

As its full name states, the 2 SUV is a plug-in hybrid – a small displacement turbocharged engine drives the front wheels, while an electric motor – powered by ultra high-density batteries mounted in the floor structure – sends motive force to the rear wheels, providing all-wheel drive. Drivers can choose between pure electric, sport, permanent AWD and hybrid modes through a pop-up controller on the centre console.

A unique feature is hands-free charging inspired by “don’t touch a cable” aircraft refuelling – a charging “probe” under the windscreen extends to meet receivers on charge point pods, keeping hands clean and improving charging safety. Alternatively, underfloor wireless inductive charging is also available.