Here’s something for the upcoming festive season! Volvo Malaysia has released a safety spot detailing the many features to be found on its V40 hatch – which may sound slightly monotonous at first but it’s only when you watch the video that one starts to realise that Volvo Malaysia has a wicked sense of humour.

For starters, the video is narrated by a chicken and has overly-positive background music. Note that the entire video is shot in Bahasa Malaysia which, if we’re being honest about it, works so much better than if the spot was in English instead. Said video begins with the main character, Stofa, embarking on his balik kampung journey with a durian.

As he begins the drive, a wig (complete with a pair of sunglasses) materialises on the dashboard, warning him to stash his durian into the storage space behind the trademark floating centre console. Following that, the same wig appears and lectures him about slotting the Volvo V40 into ‘Performance’ mode, as demonstrated by the Active TFT instrument cluster.

Volvo V40

Frightened by the mysterious apparition, Stofa reluctantly selects ‘Eco’ mode and takes off. The entire video serves to highlight the multiple safety aspects of the V40, including Cross Traffic Alert, City Safety autonomous braking and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) – all activated by Stofa during the journey.

Said video is part of Volvo Malaysia’s Nasihat Volvo campaign whereby participants are encouraged to take part by submitting a piece of advise they have heard from their mothers onto the comments section of the video on the official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page of Volvo Malaysia with the hashtag, #nasihatvolvo – five winners will be selected to bring home a Volvo for eight days to use during balik kampung journeys.

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