More troubling incidents involving poorly maintained lorries in Malaysia have come to light. After a 30-tonne lorry with apparent brake failure smashed into 24 vehicles in Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday, yet another one popped its driveshaft in the middle of the NKVE highway earlier today.

Paul and Harvinder were present as it happened, and had to manoeuvre around the bulky metal driveshaft that came to a stop in the middle lane. We posted the incident on our Facebook page, which prompted reader Looi Wing Huat to send us the video above.

The short dash cam clip shows the exact same thing happening ahead of him, but with a far bleaker outcome. In this case, the lorry’s driveshaft joint rolled across the highway and hit his 2010 Toyota Vios dead on, causing significant wreckage to the car’s underside.

Worse yet, that particular lorry only had a third party insurance coverage, which would incur a lengthy claims process. Not willing to wait that long, the victim decided to bare the repair costs himself – about RM4,000 to fix the front bumper, grille, radiator, engine oil cooler, gearbox oil pan, air-con coil and exhaust system.

While there’s nothing much that we as road users can do about these poorly maintained lorries, there are ways to minimise such risks. For starters, we should always keep a safe distance to the car(s) in front, so that you have enough time and more importantly, sufficient space to make evasive manoeuvres if necessary.

One should also be aware of his or her surrounding at all times when behind the wheel. Check your mirrors, all of them, so that you know where you can or cannot turn to in case of emergencies. Lastly, speed. Going just that little bit slower will give you more time and space to react to unexpected scenarios.