This morning’s event at Publika, which saw the launches of the BMW 1 Series facelift and 2 Series Gran Tourer, was in fact part of the second iteration of BMW’s Safety 360 programme – the campaign aims to create awareness, conversation and action on vehicle and road safety in Malaysia.

We started our Safety 360 programme last year with BMW Motorrad as it is a known fact that the highest number of road accidents in Malaysia involve motorcyclists. Now, we are addressing the safety of children in our vehicles, an issue that is very important and relevant in light of what has been happening on the roads here over the last few months,” said BMW Group Malaysia MD and CEO Alan Harris.

“The United Nations Status Paper on Road Safety in Malaysia reported in 2009 that at least 61% of children under the age of five are exposed to the risk of death or serious injury in reportable road accidents. The BMW Safety 360 campaign serves to tackle these issues and by extension, help parents and adults in general to prioritise responsible child safety practices on the road,” he added.

At present, three BMW Child Seat models are available in Malaysia – Baby Seat 0+, Junior Seat 1 (pictured) and Junior Seat 2/3. All feature integrated airpads for head protection in the event of a side impact, satisfy the European standard for child safety devices ECE R44.04, are Red Dot Design Award winners and are available in blue and anthracite colours.

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Baby Seat 0+ is for ages up to 15 months and weighing approximately 13 kg. The rear-facing seat can be attached with or without an Isofix Base, which is sold separately. It features five-point belts, magnetic buckle tongues and a removable sunshade for protection against UV rays.

Meanwhile, Junior Seat 1 is for one- to four-year olds weighing between nine and 18 kg, also incorporating five-point belts and magnetic buckle tongues. The seat can face either front or rear, and requires the separately-sold Isofix Base for installation.

Finally, Junior Seat 2/3 is for three- to 12-year olds weighing between 15 and 36 kg and standing between 95 and 150 cm tall. The forward-facing seat is secured with the vehicle’s three-point belt, while incorporating integrated Isofix connectors. The seat can be adjusted to the height and width of the child, and the backrest can be folded for easy transportation.

Bearing in mind that these are BMW-branded items, the BMW Child Seats are currently offered at promotional prices of RM1,799 for Baby Seat 0+ (regular price RM2,025), RM1,899 for Junior Seat 1 (regular price RM2,177) and RM1,999 for Junior Seat 2/3 (regular price RM2,359). The Isofix Base, meanwhile, is priced at RM1,489.