E 300 Bluetec Hybrid 1

Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia has announced that its Agility Financing hire-purchase instalment plan is now available for the Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid.

The instalment of a four-year Agility Financing plan, based on a 20,000 km mileage per year for the car goes for RM4,868 per month. In comparison, the monthly instalment for a five-year conventional financing plan – based on a prevailing interest rate of 2.4% – is RM5,731.

The company says that Agility Financing customers enjoy cash flow flexibility in addition to financial certainty should the car value decrease – a guaranteed future value of RM116,916 is provided in the above example.

For customers with a higher mileage preference, the programme offers attractive plans covering 25,000 km and 30,000 km of travel per year, with the option to choose from a one-year to a five-year financing tenure.

merc agility financing

The programme provides customers with options to settle or extend a financing contract or even return vehicles and upgrade to newer models at the end of an agreement. Of course, return features are subject to fair wear and tear conditions and kilometre restrictions.

Prospective Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid customers have until September 30 to enjoy special offers under Agility Financing. Other Mercedes-Benz model ranges that come with the Agility Financing option include the A-, B-, C-, S-Class, CLA, and GLA- Class.

To learn more about how Agility Financing works, visit www.mercedes-benz.com.my/agility or download the myMBFS app from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Also check out carbase.my for full specs and details on the Mercedes-Benz range.

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