highway driving

If you see someone driving too close to another vehicle on the road, snap a picture of the tailgater and send it to the Road Transport Department (JPJ). That’s the call being made by the department in a bid to punish such errant driving behaviour, Astro Awani reports.

Penang JPJ director Datuk Hassan Yaakob advised drivers who came across tailgaters to snap a picture of the offender – with the vehicle number plate being visible – to enable action to be taken by the authorities. The next couple of days may see less of this behaviour, given the heavy traffic conditions on highways reducing movement to a crawl.

Hassan said tailgating, which is one of the seven main road traffic offences being given attention by JPJ, does not only endanger the driver but is also the main cause of road accidents.

He said the other major offences include beating traffic lights, cutting into double lanes, usage of mobile phones while driving, driving on the emergency lane and refusal to use seatbelts and wear helmets.

He said the country’s road fatality record of almost 7,000 deaths yearly was poor compared to a country like England, which recorded a lower death rate despite a high population density. “Our aim is by 2020, we should reduce if possible, out of every 10,000 vehicles, only two accidents and two deaths. That is our plan,” he told reporters.