What makes a BMW 7 Series so special? Well, for one, you get a choice of eight customised scents brewed especially for the luxury sedan. The fact that you know the person who concocted that assortment of mixed fragrances – each specially designed to bring about a different sort of in-car smell – makes the ownership or the prospects of owning one a little bit more special, don’t you think?

Meet Annabelle, from France. She works in the design department, and she’s got a keen sense of smell and a fascination of the origins of fragrances – and to add to that, an obvious passion for all things aromatic. Eventually, Annabelle put that passion into play, creating scents for car interiors. She felt that BMW needed its own in-car scents, and the carmaker agreed.

Among the many, many features that the new 7 Series will feature, including Remote Control Parking and gesture control (we just had to mention those), the new flagship sedan will also give serious buyers a chance to have their car smell exactly the way they want, or the way Annabelle believes it should.

The Ambient Air Package will be offered as an option. Drivers can choose to either ionise the interior or fragrance it via the iDrive menu. Drivers can also choose from three different levels of intensity to prevent the fragrance from becoming too overwhelming.

Owners have four different suites to choose from: refreshing Blue and Green suites, or woody, comfortable Golden and Authentic suites. Do you think it’ll be better than those quick-clip air fresheners that you get at the supermarkets? We know it’s going to be more exclusive that’s for sure.