Just a heads up for all Renault Megane fans, our European spy photographers have managed to get a few snaps of the upcoming fourth-generation Megane. It looks very Clio-like in terms of its overall design, though.

There are some interesting design cues that are immediately evident from the exterior and interior shots. There is a huge Renault badge on the grille that does look like a bit of overkill. On the upside, it does add up to a significantly bolder front end.

Its revised headlight design, front grille, and revised bumper design all come together for a more compact and sleeker façade, as well. The Megane’s side profile looks very appealing as it just seems more composed and balanced. The deep cut for the side skirts and curvy rear really balances everything out – it really ticks all the boxes in the style department, this one.

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A close-up shot of the rear taillight provides us with an insight into the future of its design characteristics. One could assume that its going to be utilising LED technology for this and that’s definitely a good thing.

On the inside, there is a great shot of the centre console and dashboard, and as we reported earlier, the Megane cabin is slated to have much higher-end materials and a sharper design. However, much of the speculation regarding this particular generation of the Megane focuses on its choice of power plants.

It is believed that the fourth-generation Megane will debut with a 1.2 litre TCe 130 along with the possibility of two diesel engines, which could be the 1.5 litre dCi 110 and 1.6 litre dCi 130. Interestingly, there is also talk surrounding the possible introduction of a Megane GT, as well. The current generation has a GT variant with a 220 horsepower output.

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Perhaps the new Megane GT might use the same TCe 200 engine as the Clio RS – there is still no word about the Megane RS or something like the Megane RS 275 Trophy-R. With that said, some quarters are claiming that it could use an advanced 1.8 litre turbocharged engine that is being jointly developed with Nissan.

It must be stressed that all theories are purely speculative at this point – one can’t help but ponder about the exciting permutations going forward, though.