3-Point Seat Belt

In what is truly a shocking statistic, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai has stated that only seven to nine percent of car passengers are buckling up. As a result, he said the ministry is going to intensify its campaign on wearing seat belts for rear passengers, by enlisting the Road Transport Department and police to do their bit too.

“I hope the people accept the advice because it is for their own good. I don’t like to penalise the people, but if there is no enforcement, there will be very low compliance of the law,” he told Bernama.

Liow believes the time is ripe for more firm and effective measures to be taken to affect a change towards reducing the overall rate of accidents in the country. Apparently, Liow said that about 180,000 road accidents were reported nationwide last year, and unfortunately, 6,674 fatalities were recorded too. As we reported earlier, MIROS had conducted studies on the compliance rates of rear seat belt rules, and they found out that most motorists were only buckling up because they feared being fined above anything else.

“Serious injuries that can result in deaths are normally caused by failure of passengers to wear seats belts. Upon impact during accidents, passengers are thrown out or knock into hard objects while motorcyclists or pillion riders who do not wear proper helmets can suffer critical injuries or death,” said Professor Dr Wong Shaw Voon, MIROS director-general.

So remember everyone, always make an effort to buckle up, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.