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Apart from the 2016 Toyota Hilux, ASEAN NCAP has also released crash test results of three popular small hatchbacks in Indonesia – the Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya twins, as well as the Datsun GO. This is the first time Indonesian-market cars have been tested by the regional safety programme.

Both the Ayla and Agya are familiar to us, of course – they’re what our Perodua Axia (which has also been crash tested by ASEAN NCAP) is based on. So how did they do? Well, two versions of Ayla were tested – one with no airbags, another with dual airbags. The Agya, on the other hand, comes with dual airbags as standard, as is the case with the Axia.

Without airbags, the Daihatsu scored one star in Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), netting a dismal 5.56 points out of a possible 16 in the 64 km/h frontal offset crash test. As for Child Occupant Protection (COP), the car claimed a grand total of two stars, with a 47% compliance rating.

Adding two airbags lifts the Ayla’s AOP score to four stars and 12.84 points, while the COP compliance percentage of 51% – just a 4% difference – was enough to get it into the three-star category. The Agya had a similar AOP score (four stars, 12.84 points), but its COP rating was a much better four stars, with an 82% compliance rating.

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How do these results compare to the Axia? The Malaysian-built version managed to get a four-star rating for AOP with 12.91 points – almost identical stats to both Indonesian cars. In terms of child protection, the Axia also scored four stars with a 79% compliance rating, a performance that’s clearly much closer to the Toyota.

Moving along to the other car in the list, the Datsun GO – available with only one airbag – scored two stars in AOP with 6.82 points, and two stars in COP with a 46% compliance rating. That’s still quite some difference from the zero stars a “sub-standard” non-airbag version scored in the Indian-based Bharat NCAP test.