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While the sales of vehicles for the month of June and July signalled fluctuating sales, it seems the automotive industry in Malaysia is now heading towards a slump. Despite that, total figures for the month of August has still fared better than April (45,187) when the GST was first introduced.

Sales figures for the month of June showed a total 57,437 vehicles sold, while July posted an increase with a total of 58,646 vehicles sold – August showed a decline, with a total of only 53,452 vehicles sold. Most passenger car brands are down for the month of August, though sales of commercial vehicle sales have increased slightly (6,150, from 6,010 in July).

Once again, we’ve compiled MAA’s sales data in the table below, sorted by the top performing brands in August 2015. The numbers show a decrease of 8.86%. Both national brands’ sales, Perodua and Proton have fallen – the former sold 1,368 vehicles less (16,589), while the latter decreased by 1,827 in August (9,040) – a percentage drop of 7.6% and 16.8% respectively. Emerging strong is Toyota, showing a 10.9% increase in August, where it managed 8,101 vehicles combined, over 7,308 vehicles sold in July.

Brands that dropped in sales numbers for the month included Honda (6,853 units, -18.8%), Volkswagen (663 units, -27%), Kia (231 units, -29.4%) and Audi (103 units, -48%). Sales of BMW vehicles however remained unchanged, with the German brand managing a similar number of 700 vehicles as it did the month before.

Not all was gloom – some brands registered increased passenger car sales, the list led by Volvo, which saw a huge jump with a total of 60 cars sold in August as compared to only 23 vehicles sold in July (+160.9%), Suzuki (321 units, +10.7%), Chevrolet (39 units, +18.18%), while MINI and Renault moved 68 (+6.25%) and 45 (+21.62%) units respectively.

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Aug 2015 passenger and commercial data FORMATTED (1).xlsx