Amidst the on-going dieselgate scandal that’s turning the Volkswagen Group’s world upside down, here, finally, is some good news to come from the German manufacturer.

Volkswagen UK has just confirmed that all of its petrol-powered cars, and those equipped with V6 TDI and V8 TDI turbodiesel engines have not been fitted with the now infamous “defeat devices” that were used to manipulate the results of official emissions tests. The news also clears all Porsche models of any involvement in the dieselgate scandal.

Following an internal investigation, Volkswagen announced that only its EA189-powered vehicles (Euro 5-compliant 2.0 litre four-cylinder diesel engines) were equipped with the “defeat devices.” Cars equipped with the engine type include the Mk6 Golf, the seventh-gen Passat and the first-gen Tiguan. Vehicles with the newer Euro 6-compliant engines aren’t affected.

Out of the 11 million vehicles belonging to the Volkswagen Group, we know that five million of them were Volkswagen-branded vehicles. The remaining were made up of 2.1 million Audis as announced recently, 1.2 million Skodas, 700,000 SEATs and around 1.8 million commercial vehicles collectively.

Volkswagen has also announced an action plan to fix its affected vehicles, and will provide further technical solutions to the German authorities this month. Customers will also be kept informed via dedicated websites soon to be created by each brand involved, in their respective nations.