DRB-Hicom has introduced a new loyalty programme with the debut of its elite card. Simply titled the DRB-Hicom elite card, the loyalty programme aims to reward consumers with elite points when one spends at any participating elite merchant. The process is straightforward enough with users only requiring to swipe their respective elite cards during purchase to earn elite points.

Additionally, users can redeem exclusive gifts online at www.drb-hicomelite.com and also gain access to special privileges from DRB-Hicom and its elite partners. Selected members will also be provided with emergency roadside assistance throughout Malaysia.

Interested parties are encouraged to swing by the Alami Proton carnival, happening from October 3 to 4 (10 am to 7 pm on both days), where a dedicated booth has been set up to help new users get to grips with the new DRB-Hicom elite card loyalty programme.