Proton_Iriz_Active_MKII_concept_ 001

As promised, the Proton Iriz Active MkII concept was shown at the Alami Proton open day event last weekend. An evolution of the pseudo-crossover show car on display last year, it features a few updates designed to keep it looking fresh.

It’s pretty much the same car as before, all rugged-looking with a 30 mm taller ride height, black plastic body cladding, silver roof rails and skid plates, vents behind the front wheels and prominent tow hooks at the rear. And of course, who can forget the cool-looking LG NEXLIDE electroluminescent light strip technology at the front and rear?

The matte grey/gloss orange paint scheme is embellished with Proton’s 30th anniversary logos on the C-pillars. The “new” alloy wheels mentioned earlier were a bit of a misnomer – they’re a refinished version of the same 17-inch turbine design rollers as on last year’s car.

Proton_Iriz_Active_MKII_concept_ 016

Also new is the roof rack, but it’s only shown on the 3D renders, not fitted to the actual car. Mounted to the original rails, it features a Y-shaped crossbar running the length of the rack, as well as three driving lights at the front.

Unlike last year, the updated concept was locked behind a glass wall, so there was no way to peer inside to see any changes – although judging by how close this car is to the previous version on the outside, we doubt there are any revisions made to the interior.

Proton_Iriz_Active_MKII_concept_ 013

To recap, last year’s Iriz Active featured orange-and-black leather upholstery, a 13.3-inch portrait touchscreen for the infotainment system, a 12.3 inch HD digital instrument cluster, a live rear-view monitor (replacing the old-fashioned mirror), a wireless smartphone charger and an integrated air purifier. Safety-wise, it added an LG active drive assistance system (ADAS) with autonomous emergency braking.

Last we heard, the Iriz Active concept is said to be production feasible, and should it get made, will form part of an Active line of vehicles. Certainly, with the repeat showing at Alami Proton, it looks like its chances of it actually making it to the showroom floor are getting higher by the minute. So, what do you think about the updated concept?