Honda promo City Civic

It appears that Honda is next to jump on the free instalment bandwagon – its ‘Year End Campaign’ is offering up to eight free monthly payments for the City, Civic, Accord, CR-V, Jazz and Odyssey, with cash rebates and a year-end bonus also on offer.

First up, the City gets up to five months’ free instalments worth up to RM3,000, as well as a year-end cash bonus of RM1,500, bringing total savings of up to RM4,500. Choose an upfront cash rebate instead, and you’ll get RM2,500 off, which – combined with the bonus – results in a RM4,000 saving.

As for the Civic, that receives up to five free monthly payments worth up to RM4,000 and a year-end bonus of RM2,500 – that’s a substantial saving of up to RM6,500. Otherwise, you can punt for a RM3,500 rebate, for a total of RM6,000 off the list price.

Honda promo Accord CR-V

The Accord ties with the Civic in total savings – you’ll get up to eight months’ free instalment for the D-segment sedan, worth up to RM5,000. That, plus the RM1,500 bonus, equates to a discount of up to RM6,500; dock RM500 off the total if you go for the RM4,500 cash rebate instead.

Want an SUV? The CR-V is free for up to three months – that’s up to RM2,000 off, or a discount of up to RM3,500 when you include the RM1,500 year-end bonus. On the other hand, an upfront RM1,500 rebate is also available, and results in a total saving of RM3,000.

Big savings are also on offer for the Jazz, which gets up to six months’ free instalments worth up to RM4,000. The bonus is RM1,500, resulting in discounts of up to RM5,500. You’ll receive RM5,000 off if you choose the cash rebate instead, for a total saving of RM5,000

Honda promo Jazz Odyssey

Finally, the Odyssey 2.4L EXV is free for up to five months, so that’s up to RM3,000 worth of free instalments. Bundled with a RM1,500 year-end bonus, that’s a saving of up to RM4,500. Go the cash rebate route and you’ll receive RM2,500 off, resulting in a total saving of RM4,000.

Whichever of these models you choose, you’ll get a surprise year-end gift, and are also in the running to win an AmBank debit card, preloaded with up to RM2,000 of shopping credit.