Mazda 2 SkyActiv-D Clean Diesel Challenge 41

So it looks like everyone in the game is just that bit more cautious now when it comes to diesel engines in the US. According to a report by Automotive News, Mazda will be looking to further delay the introduction of its diesel engines to the American market although it reaffirms that it is “committed to a rollout.”

The move comes (unsurprisingly) in the wake of the recent ‘Dieselgate‘ scandal that has plagued German car manufacturer, Volkswagen. The Japanese car manufacturer had earlier intended to introduce its lineup of diesel engines in the US in 2013 but the firm encountered issues with emissions – further reworking of the engines then resulted in a lacklustre motor.

Fast forward to today and it would appear that an underperforming engine is the least of Mazda’s worries. Kiyoshi Fujiwara, managing executive officer of R&D at Mazda, said that the scandal “will cause a delay in plans for everybody looking to sell diesel cars in the US market. That’s why we cannot say when we are going to be able to launch our diesel cars in the US market at this point.”


While it has yet to be announced, Mazda is convinced that a new “syllabus” will be introduced as part of emission tests. “Tests are going to be tougher,” said Fujiwara. “Regulators are not telling us or anybody what additional testing steps they have added to the processes.”

“They no longer trust companies and are not telling us anything. Most likely there is a delay. We just don’t know how big a delay it is going to be,” added Fujiwara. As gloomy as things look, Mazda, along with several other carmakers, are adamant that there will come a time when the stigma regarding diesel cars disappear.