The woman seen in a recent road rage incident that was caught on video and went viral on social media, has now revealed her side of the story, claiming she was the victim instead. During the October 28 incident, a 17-second-long video clip showed her using a steering lock to repeatedly hit a Toyota Camry following a dispute over a reserved parking lot with the driver.

According to The Star, the woman said, “the video made me look like a crazy woman when all I was doing was protecting my family and my property. The man took my reserved parking lot and when I had nowhere else to go, I parked in front of his car at around 9am.”

Two hours later, the man in the Toyota Camry sounded his horn to indicate to the woman that he wanted to vacate the parking lot. The woman continued, “I was on the phone and it only took me about three minutes to end the call and grab my car keys. As I was walking out of the office, I saw him reverse his car and then accelerate forward, hitting my Volvo.”

Following the impact, the woman’s father then went out to speak with the Camry driver, who started shouting profanities and shoved him, causing the 67-year old to fall and hit the Camry’s wing mirror in the process. It was then that the woman lost her cool and grabbed her steering lock and began hitting the front of the Camry. “This is the scene that the man recorded,” she said.

The woman also added that the Camry driver threatened her by saying he knew where she worked and would come looking for her. “What I did was an act of self defence,” she said, worried that the man might hurt her family. According to Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Abdul Samah Mat, the authorities have completed their investigations regarding the incident.