Current or prospective GrabCar drivers have been told they need not worry about continuing to provide the services. The ride-sharing app developer has allegedly given its assurance that it will provide these “partners” with financial and legal assistance should they encounter any trouble with the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

The Sun Daily recently attended a briefing for new GrabCar applicants, who are only required to bring along their MyKad, valid driving licence and their vehicles insurance cover note. During the hour-long briefing, the organiser explained to participants how the GrabCar service operated, and what to do should they bump into a “SPAD brick wall.”

“If you are issued with summons (fines), we will pay for it. If you have to go to court, we will provide you legal assistance. We will help you financially and legally. That’s our promise to support GrabCar drivers,” he claimed.

Additionally, the facilitator also provided the participants with tips on how to identify a genuine customer from an undercover SPAD officer, when receiving a booking through the app. “When you see a customer with an ID of ‘0001’ from the last four digit, it means the person is a first time user and it is a high probability it is a SPAD officer. You can request full details of this customer by calling our customer service,” he said.

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On the other hand, should the customer be a lady requesting to ride into the vehicle alone, “then it is safe to accept booking.” The facilitator continued by detailing the modus operandi of undercover SPAD officers seeking to nab GrabCar drivers.

“They would get in your car with one sitting at the back and the other person would sit as the front passenger,” he said. “The moment the front passenger asks you a lot of questions about GrabCar such as how much you are earning as GrabCar driver, since when and how you get involve with the service, who’s your boss and many other questions, this is surely an undercover officer,” he added.

The officer at the rear seat would remain quiet and record the entire conversation by using a mobile phone as evidence, explained the facilitator. At the end of the trip, should the driver suspect that his/her passengers are SPAD officers, they should not accept any cash. “But if the officers just kept quiet during the journey, follow with the cash transaction and later if you are arrested, that is still okay,” said the instructor. GrabCar drivers should not resist arrest and must cooperate.

“Just uninstall the app in your mobile phone before you are brought to SPAD headquarters in Subang. Your statement will be taken and SPAD would only impound your car for a while because there is still the court process. Don’t worry, we will take care of you,” guaranteed the facilitator.