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After a month-on-month sales slump, the Malaysian car market has seen a slight resurgence, continuing on an upward trend according to data collected by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA). November 2015 saw 56,092 vehicles ending up in owners’ hands, a minuscule 338-unit (or 0.6%) climb compared to the previous month – it pales in comparison to the impressive 9.1% jump from September to October.

Total sales last month were also up on November 2014, rising a scant 778 units or 1.4%. But despite a healthy showing in both October and November this year – attributed to the market’s anticipation of potential price hikes in 2016 – the year-to-date figure of 597,273 units still trails the 601,827 vehicles sold in the same period last year by some 4,554 units, or 0.76%.

As always, we’ve compiled MAA’s sales data in the table below, sorted by the top performing brands in November 2015. As expected with the upward trend, most brands registered an increase in sales, with a number of notable exceptions.

Most surprising of the latter are the national makes – market leader Perodua sold 16,931 vehicles last month, a decrease of 374 units compared to October this year. New fourth-placer Proton suffered a much bigger setback – it registered just 7,169 units in November, a whopping 10.7% drop or 857 less vehicles than the month before.

With their closest competitor dropping well behind, Toyota and Honda found themselves with more room to breathe in November – the former sold 533 more vehicles (up 5.9%), while the latter’s sales jumped 736 units (up 8.7%). It should be noted that while Toyota is ahead this month, Honda still has the lead in the year-to-date stakes. In fifth place, Nissan sold an incredible one extra vehicle compared to October, 0.02% up.

In other news, Kia (+65.2%), Hyundai (+59.1%), Subaru (+41.5%) and Isuzu (+30%) saw big gains in November, while Ford (-24.3%) and Volkswagen (-23.8%) didn’t fare quite so well.

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