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Vehicle sales data for the month of October 2015 has finally been announced by the Malaysian Automotive Association and it looks like a positive month for the industry as we approach the year’s end. October’s tally has risen to 55,754 units – an increase of 4,648 units over September’s total vehicle sales figures.

At the top of the charts, Perodua has shown a 19.5% improvement over the previous month, moving a total of 17,305 units against September’s 14,479 units. With a marginal 8% slip, Proton, on the other hand, has dropped behind Honda and Toyota. The Malaysian car maker moved 8,026 units against its previous month’s performance of 8,723 units.

Moving up past Proton, Toyota and Honda made positive strides, marking 14% and 13.1% growths respectively against their previous months’ performances. Toyota had successfully sold 9,000 units, while Honda managed to sell 8,504 units.

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Nissan and Mazda have maintained similar performances and positions to the previous month. Ford, previously performing poorer than Mercedes-Benz and Isuzu, surpassed both brands with a 29.9% improvement, selling 1,096 units in October. Lexus also benefitted from a positive incline, showing a 27.4% climb for a total of 200 units sold.

Renault and Porsche were big improvers against previous months’ performances, marking a 72.7% and 86.2% gains over the previous month. Renault had moved 57 units, compared to Porsche’s 54 units.

On the German front, Mercedes-Benz still remains top, but endured a mild drop in performance over the previous month. Still, the marque’s 946 units sold was good enough to keep BMW’s 724 units at bay for another month. Up and coming Audi has successfully maintained its positive performance incline over the months, selling 138 units in October 2015 alone. For a more in-depth look at October 2015’s sales data, check out the chart below.